If you’re here, I’m assuming that you’ve found yourself in the humbling position of trying to get your degree and raise a whole other person. Me too. I found out two weeks after I’d been accepted to the University of Central Missouri for my undergrad in English that I would also be welcoming a bouncing baby─whatever─into the world. Great. After having to withdraw first semester due to pregnancy complications (from stress, to everyone’s surprise), I gave birth to a beautiful, amazing, precious baby boy. I turned in my first paper of the spring semester three days later, before packing to go home from the hospital.

School has been a trying adventure from the start, but I’ve learned a lot of stuff along the way, and hope to put what I’ve learned so far from this English degree to use. My goal is to pass on what I’ve learned─from much trial and error─to other people who may find themselves in a similar situation. College is hard. Parenting is hard. Doing them at the same time is exhausting and excruciating! But it can be done, and I hope to pass on some tools that have worked for me, to you.

I am still in school, so my life pretty much consists of school, parenting and this blog, but I do manage to make time to jog, play guitar and play some video games every once in a while. My son, who’s two now, and traded in some of that preciousness for high-active energy, has lost out on a few nights while I was still getting the hang of things (and I will forever appreciate him─and his father─for the sacrifices made), but is still a still managed to turn out with a funny, spunky personality and more smiles to share than one person could take in. We still manage to go to the park, read, and start talking potty training. My partner of five years, Patrick, also manages to get out and coach, even though he helps a lot!

If I can manage to go to school, work a part-time job, manage a blog and be an awesome mom in an awesome family, you sure can too. It doesn’t seem like it at first, but it can be way easier than you’d think with the right tools and a bit of sacrifice on everyone’s end. I’d love to share my secrets with you, if you’ll just take a bit of time to read them. I try to post here twice a month (every other week) in the least. If you’ve been a college parent for a while, you may have some great advice to share with others, and if you’re a new college parent, welcome to the pack.

You can follow me on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. Working on getting a YouTube up and running for those who have more time than energy to listen than read. Trust me, we’ve all been there, or will be there eventually. I want to make accessing this content as easy for you as possible. And if you have the time to read, then I hope to see you in the comments often. We can get those degrees, fellow college parents, and I officially welcome you to the chaotic journey of being a college parent.


June 2018
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