First Day of Spring Semester

Hey everyone!

I hope you’ve had a great holiday break! I know I sure did enjoy having some down time to spend with family, friends and, mostly, myself. I can’t decide if I’m ready for the upcoming semester, but tomorrow is the first day back to classes for me whether I’m ready or not.

I managed to make deans list last semester with a 3.5GPA, so the pressure is really on this semester to do it again! I know I can do it, but it doesn’t help keep the tension at bay—especially since I’ve given up on coffee and soda for the new year (fingers crossed it lasts) and my son has reached the terrible threes, so I’m sure to be exhausted and stressed out. Regardless, I have a template for the perfect semester to follow; if I did it once, I can do it again. I’m going into this with positive vibes.

I’ve done my best to start the semester off right: a nice long break helped get refreshed for another year of hard work, but prepping for a successful morning helps with the first-day jitters. I figure that a successful start leads to more likelihood of a successful end.

First, I prepped everything I’d need for the morning: prepped overnight oats, cut veggies for an omelette, showered, washed and straightened my curly hair, picked out an outfit and laid out my workout clothes for the morning.

I did it all by 10pm so that I could be in bed settling down for a 6am wake up call. Granted, I’m laying here now writing this quick blog post, but it sure beats my 2am bedtime from all break. After I write this quick post, I plan to roll over and do my best to get to sleep quickly so that I can jump up out of bed with my alarm, do a quick yoga routine, eat some eggs and oatmeal with a nice peppermint tea and listen to my news while I get myself then PD ready for the first day.

A couple of days ago I put my schedule in my calendar, but I’ll probably take some time tomorrow morning to make sure everything is right. I’ve had a couple semesters where I forgot to fill in where I was going and it didn’t help with my first-day anxieties at all! That’s really why I wake up a little early the first week: to make sure I have everything ready to tell me where I’m going. I’ll have nightmares all week of forgetting I enrolled in a class or getting lost in foreign halls (does anyone else have those dreams, or is it just me?), but I know consciously I should be fine.

I’m still shaking the jitters, but this post really has helped me feel more prepared for the day ahead. Hopefully it has helped you reflect over how you prepared and feel a little better about getting back to school as well! This semester I plan to write more blog-like posts rather than bulleted lists, so hopefully you enjoy reading about my semester, and you chime in often about how yours is going as well!

Tell me how you get rid of first day jitters: Does it help to prepare the night before? Do you do anything special to get ready?

Have a great first day back whenever you start! We’re going to have a great semester together!



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