I Have Been Nominated for the Sunshine Award!

I want to thank Ashleigh.Noelle, who writes at The Silenced Woman blog, so much for the nomination! It’s a great privilege to have a fellow blogger recognize my blog and help grow The College Parent blog.

The Sunshine Bloggers Award is an award for smaller bloggers, put together by smaller bloggers, to help each other get recognition as they work to grow their blog. It is similar to the Liebester Award, and is a great way for the blogging community to help support fellow bloggers trying to get a footing in the blogging world.

  1. What’s your favorite thing about blogging? I’m a writer, so I love keeping a blog because first and foremost because it gives me a reason to write. I love to write, and I feel like I express myself best in writing. I love writing this blog because I’ve been a college parent for a while, and I know how hard it was to adjust, and I just didn’t see any blogs that really catered to what I needed at the time when I was looking for help, advice and a community that catered to such a nontraditional college experience. I also have had friends who said that they couldn’t pursue their college degree, despite how bad they wanted to, because they had a child or children, and I know that simply isn’t true, so I love knowing that I’m creating a space that wasn’t out there for me starting out for people who are just starting college or want to go back to college but have kids. I can show people with my writing that it is possible to get a degree while being a parent.
  2. Any advice you’d give to someone who’s looking to blog? Find a niche that you really care about and feel experienced in, then just start and don’t stop, no matter how discouraged you may get. This isn’t my first time starting a blog, but this is my longest blog and, now that I’m three months into it, I’m very proud of where it’s going. I found something that I’m passionate about writing about, that I know I have experience in and that I feel is useful information to share with the world, and I haven’t stopped writing, even when I felt that no one was reading, and it’s going great.
  3. What’s a must have when writing? Write then proofread. I learned this trick in creative writing classes and it’s useful for anything that you’re writing. You just write what you need to write then go back and clean it up. It’s so much easier than trying to correct as you go. I also personally always like to have something to drink (usually coffee) and a comfy pair of pants on, but those aren’t requirements 😉
  4. What type of music gets your creative juices flowing? I either do lofi hip-hop or nothing at all. Anything else is just too distracting.
  5. Where do you see you and your brand in 5 years? In five years I hope to just have the blog turned into an e-book and a public page that people can use as reference. I don’t plan to keep this blog forever just because I don’t plan to be in college forever, but I want this information to be available to anyone who may find it useful. In five years, I plan to have this blog set up for free public consumption and have another, more permanent blog for long-term writing.
  6. What are you most passionate about? I’m most passionate about my family, education and writing time. I don’t feel whole without the opportunity to sit down and write at least for twenty minutes a day; my family keeps me striving for better; my education is something I’ve always cherished and love to work on bettering.
  7. Favorite food? Mashed potatoes are top favorite, but I also really love butter chicken with naan, beans and rice and burritos.
  8. Best vacation? Currently it’s been a trip to Texas I took when I was much younger, but I’m sure it’ll be replaced with a trip we’re about to take to Florida with my parents and sisters.
  9. Introvert or extrovert? Ambivert
  10. Winter or Summer? I usually prefer summer, but this year I’m really excited for winter.
  11. One random quirk about you? I really love to go dancing, but I am also a really bad dancer, lol. I really like to go to this eighties disco in town to go dancing because everyone there is super non-judgmental, and it’s really nice to go out and cut-loose to older music with people who are just looking to have a good time.

I would like to take the opportunity to spread the good fortune and nominate these eleven bloggers as well. Please take the time to look at their content as well─they’re fantastic!

  1. Mark Dylinski––The College Dad Experience (we should collab sometime!)
  2. Nadiaharhash
  3. Johnnyboy46––Why I️ Started My Own Blog
  4. Michelle Wilson––Spark D Mind
  5. Cyril DeGuzman––Fragments Journal
  6. Speak 2 World
  7. The Godly Chic Diaries
  8. Becka Gets Healthy
  9. Glitter in the Ashes
  10. Emma Hartridge––Mad Lads Mum and Dad
  11. Reasons to Resist

Thank you again, Ashleigh.Noelle, for the nomination. Make sure to check out her blog, The Silenced Woman, where she talks about…


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